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Common Myth about VOIP- Plug and Play

Most people believe VOIP to be product that you plug your phone into the internet and magically your phone works flawlessly. If this was the case than why would we install VoIP phones? Simplii makes sure you have the proper internet connection, with the proper bandwidth, and make sure your internal network is properly setup for VoIP. The truth is that about 99% of all companies that want a VOIP solution do not have this setup properly. That is why Simplii makes it simple for you, we install your VoIP phone system. Eliminating any possible problems from happening, and here is how we do it.

Why We Install VoIP-  

1.  99% of all customers computer networks arent setup properly for VOIP –   This is why before we ever install your solution we do a PRE-SITE SURVEY. We come on site and look at your current situation and determine if changes need to be made to make sure the solution works.  If you dont have and IT guy we will assist in the necessary changes, or work with your IT guy to make the needed changes.

2.  Internet connection may need to be changed-  We will qualify your area for all of the best internet connections and help you get the best deal and the best quality connection that is proper for a Hosted VOIP solution.

3.  Wiring-  Often times we find that proper network cabling often isnt ran to all the locations needed to setup your solution.


Steps to Insure your VOIP solution will work-

1.  Start with your provider- Your provider must have the proper connections to your local ISP (Internet Service Providers) that you are connected to. If not your voice traffic will travel all over the internet which increases the chance problems.

2. Proper Internet connection-  Your Connection must be sufficient in Quality and bandwidth on both the Upload and the Download speeds to share with your data.  (run a speed test now)

3.  Internal Network Setup Properly-  It takes someone who is very familiar to setup proper QOS and Priority of Voice on your internal network.  Not all hardware is created equal to do this, and often lower end products create more issues than not setting it up at all.

4.  Use Proper Hardware-  Use the philosophy of better equipment better results. Name brand tried and true equipment that is readily available is always the best option.  Higher end equipment will make a difference.

5.  Proper Support Team- With an internet based solution you will have times that you have issues on your connection.  Often times it is not your VOIP provider and it is the ISP, but not always.  What is important is that you have a company that will figure out the problem regardless of where the issue resides and gets the problem fixed without pointing fingers.