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Why Simplii

  • We Install VoIP

     Simplii ensures that you will have the best quality, and performance from your VoIP system. By not missing key steps in the install andNetwork Setup , key steps that most people and competitors do not seem to notice or pay attention to…

  • Private Network

     Simplii provides its clients with direct connections to their ISP Providers Network. By doing this we cut our latency by 1/4 the rate of our competitors. This makes it so our clients get excellent call quality and have a superior experience using VoIP…

  • True VoIP Support

     Simplii provides the best support in the industry- How can we claim this? It’s simple. We installed the enterprise grade Equipment. Making sure that we know how the network is setup. This makes it so we can provide our clients with the best knowledge about theirVoIP Solution…

  • CRM Integration

     Simplii is making Business Automation a reality for small and medium sized businesses. By offering our clients custom integration to theirCRM andWeb Based Application By doing this we help enhance your staffs productivity and your Customers Satisfaction…

  • In Person VoIP Training

     If you don’t know how to use your equipment than why have it? Here atSimplii we make sure our clients know how to use their VoIP system by giving In-Person Training. Also by doing this it helps us learn how your business works and makes us understand exactly how you want your System Setup…

  • Call Quality

     Simplii takes extra steps to ensure that our clients have theBest Call Quality in the industry. First we evaluate your internal network and make sure that it is Setup Properly. Second we connect to you on a Private Network, not the open internet, lowering latency and router Hops…

Why choose Simplii as your VoIP service provider? It’s simple, we make sure that your internal network is setup properly, also Simplii provides all of our clients with enterprise grade Cisco phones. Which gives your small company the look and feel of a large business. Simplii ensures top of the call quality that stands out above the rest.

Simplii Better VoIP

What Determines VoIP Quality?

  1. Internal Network Setup
  2. Equipment Installation
  3. Quality Internet Connection
  4. VoIP Connection to your ISP
  5. Hosted Provider Network
Upon installation, Simplii inspects each area thoroughly and connects to you over your ISP Network, not the open internet.

Phone Service Features

  • Port your Numbers
  • 800 Numbers
  • Vanity Numbers
  • Market Tracking Number
  • Direct Numbers
  • Fax Numbers
  • Incoming Name and Number
  • Caller ID Loging
  • Caller ID Tagging
  • Caller ID Control by Outdialed #
  • Answering Rules by Caller ID
  • Instant Messenger
  • SMS Messenger
  • Call Detail Reports
  • Click to call
  • Contacts
  • Configurable answering rules
  • Fax from User Web Portal
  • Print to fax
  • Fax to Email
  • Fax to Groups
  • Find Me Follow Me
  • Ring Multiple locations
  • Transfer back to the office
  • Record external calls
  • Dial out as office
  • CRM Call Logging
  • 6 Party on the fly Calling
  • Conference Recording
  • Multiparty Conference Bridging
  • Consult
  • Drop Specific people

Features Continued…