Hosted Phone Vs Traditional

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VoIP is the new kid on the block but is it right for you?

Traditional phone systems

Traditional systems are currently loosing a lot of ground to Hosted Phone providers due to the fact that people today can get complete Hosted Voice solution for about the price of what it cost just for phones lines alone to that business.  So what are the positives and negatives of traditional and a hosted phone.

Positives of a traditional System

  • Long track record
  • Good feature set developed over years
  • Reliable line services
  • Reliable Hardware
  • Responsive company installs solution

Negatives of a traditional system

  • High upfront cost
  • Technology ages and has to be replaced
  • Longer Downtime on Deployment
  • Advanced Features cost extra
  • Expensive support and Maintenance cost
  • Limited phone lines
  • Direct Numbers Require a T-1/PRI
  • Limited teleworker options
  • Long Distance Costs extra
  • High cost to connect Multiple sites
  • Limited disaster Recovery
  • Expensive Redundancy

Positives of a Hosted Phone System

  • Low upfront cost
  • Software updates included
  • Fast Deployment anywhere
  • Buy only what your need at the time
  • Long Distance Included
  • Never have to replace your system again
  • No support cost * Normally only phone support
  • Most advanced features are included
  • Teleworkers/Mobile are included
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery built In
  • Direct numbers optional
  • More phone lines

Negatives of a Hosted System

  • Reliability is determined by internet connection
  • More call quality issues than analog lines
  • Phone run on network often not setup for VOIP
  • Support is often over the phone support not live
  • Warranty equipment is often shipped vs replaced
  • Bandwidth requirements increase need for larger pipe
  • Training is often over the phone or youtube videos


How SIMPLII does hosted Voip Better.