Residential Phone Service

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Plans & Pricing

With Simplii’s Residential Phone Service plan you get the best VoIP call quality system at a lower rate than the average phone system. Also you recieve unlimited long distance calling in the US. Switch to simplii today.
  • Saving Money is Simple

    Simplii’s Residential Phone Service will save you normally about 30%-50% vs your traditional phone services. It also gives you features such as unlimited long distance and transferring calls to your cell that your current service doesn’t offer.  For a Residential Phone service the choice is simple.

  • Quality VOIP Solution

    Not all VOIP is created equal, having a provider like Simplii connected directly to your ISP make all the difference in the world.  No longer does your VOICE traffic travel to 4 different states just to call your neighbor. (Understanding VOIP)

  • Simple Install

    Setup is easy and simple to do yourself. But if you want professional installation we will come do it for you as well.

  • Home Automation

    Incoming calls can by answered by your home Menu.  Callers can decide who they want to talk to and have those calls ring to that extension or cell phone.  Calls can be transferred again, even from a cell phone.

  • Unlimited Long Distance

    Long distance is always free with in the United states, we also offer low international rates as well.