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  • Business Automation

    Simplii is the leader in Web Based integrations and business automation.  Click to dial from your CRM or Web based application, Pop incoming client information, capture call logs and call recordings with your clients. Simplii creates a true Business solution with our API that can integrate all your systems together and simplify your processes, taking […]

  • Enterprise Grade Features

    Simplii’s small business package gives you all the features normally reserved for large businesses for normally less than what you are currently paying for you phone lines only today.  At Simplii we dont charge you an introductory price and upsell you with features after the fact.  All of our features are included in our package […]

  • Save Money

    No longer do you have to spend a bunch of  money to buy and support an expensive phone system. Our solution can save you dramatically over your current phone bills of up to 60%,  as well as give you new functionality that allows you to do business better today that  you could yesterday.

  • We Install

    Without a properly installed system you are taking a huge risk with your customers. Often your office network is not setup for VOIP  and wont function properly.  Simplii takes the extra steps to make sure that your network is setup properly.   (compare us vs. our competition)

  • True Support

    Unlike our competitors who try and just support you  over the phone, we will come onsite whenever needed to make sure that all your needs are taken care of.   We also monitor your connection 24×7 and are alerted if there is ever an issue that needs to be resolved.   We also dont point […]

  • Mobility

    In todays business world having the ability to integrate your cell phone as well as teleworkers is a must. Simplii’s mobile integration gives you the ability to dial out from your mobile as your office number, transfer calls that came to your mobile, record calls, and much more.  Teleworkers can work from home with every […]

  • Lifetime Training

    We believe in hands on personal training  with additional in person training as often as you request it.  We take the time to make sure that you know how to use your system and dont expect you to learn it by watching Youtube videos.  We help you understand the new features that you will have […]

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Plans & Pricing