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Hosted Office

Small, Medium, & Large Business

Plans & Pricing

Simplii- Voip System Products
  • Connect Multiple offices
  • Mobile Integration
  • Only Pay for what you need
  • Save Money
  • Enterprise Grade Features
  • Cloud Based Functionality and Reliability

With Simplii Hosted Office we give you big business functionality that actually makes a difference like CRM integration, conference bridging, Market tracking numbers, all for businesses of any size. Hosted Office saves you time and money by not having to buy and support expensive premise based phone system, yet gives you all the functionality and flexibility of paying for only what you need.

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Virtual Office

Remote Locations, Home Office, On The Go

Plans & Pricing

Simplii- Voip System Products
  • Automated Attendant
  • Route calls to Multiple locations
  • Tranfer from Cell
  • Call Record incoming calls
  • Dial out from mobile as office number.
  • Save money

With Simplii Virtual office turn your mobile device into a mobile business. Virtual office gives your business the look and feel of a large professional office which is important to a small business. The ability to know its a business call vs a personal call, and to transfer those calls from your cell are just a few of the features Virtual office customers enjoy.

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Home & Home Office

Plans & Pricing

Simplii- Voip System Products
  • Save money
  • Unlimited Long distance
  • Forward incoming to Cell phones
  • Transfer calls
  • Voicemail to email

Your home phone service Simplii better. If you have an internet connection we can provide you phone service with all the features you currently have for less. While giving more functionality of transferring or forwarding calls to cell phones when you are away.

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Market Tracking

Simplii- Voip System Products
Stop throwing money away advertising without a way to understand what business is being generated by that advertising. With Simplii Market Tracking you can assign unique phone numbers to your marketing and get complete reports as to where your advertising is best spent.
  • Unique numbers anywhere in the US
  • Record calls for quality assurance
  • Logging of a calls with reports
  • Screen Taging- Know what number was dialed

Electronic Fax

Simplii- Voip System Products
Electronic faxing turns your computer into a fax machine. Send any document from your computer and receive faxes to your computer or email. Electronic Faxing saves you over 50% vs traditional faxing with ease of use second to none.
  • Print to Fax
  • Auto Retry
  • Fax to Desktop or Email
  • Incoming/ Outgoing History

VoIP Products Features

Connect your Office

With Simplii Hosted Solution you can connect remote or home offices together with ease, and have the complete system work as one integrated solution.

Track where your calls are coming from

Stop spending money on marketing and have limite information as to where you are getting new business from. With Market tracking from Simplii we can give you unique phone numbers for your website, mailers, banners, adds, etc. giving complete knowledge of what marketing efforts are working. Did we mention we can record each and every call to see how that call was handled as well. (Learn More)

Mobility that makes sense

In todays on the go world wouldnt it be nice to be able to work from your device as if you are in the office. With Simplii mobility offering you can tell the difference between personal and business calls, transfer calls back to the office or another number, and even dial out from your mobile as your office number.

Only pay for what your need

At Simplii you have the option to lease the phones vs. buy the phones which allows your company to scale up or down at times with ease. When you purchase the phones you are always buying for your largest moment. Growing your company with Simplii makes sense with whatever option you choose, we provide the flexibility you want from a technology provider.