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VoIP Support

Simplii provides the best VoIP support in the industry- How can we claim this?  It is simple;

1.  We installed the equipment- We didn’t try and put in a VoIP solution using basic network equipment. We installed our enterprise grade equipment that was made for VoIP. By doing this we understand how your network is setup since we were the ones that  did the setup of your VoIP solution from the beginning.

2. Remote access to the Equipment we installed- When we install a router or switch it is important to have remote access to make changes needed to that equipment which we can do immediately if needed.

3. We know your local internet providers-  We have relationships with the different local providers that work with us closely on a day to day basis. This is important so that they respond quickly and have someone that they have worked with before to resolve any issues.

4. We monitor your internet connection-  Once your solution is installed we constantly monitor the connection and know as soon as you do that if there are issues, and have reports to work with your internet provider as to what issues we are seeing for quick resolution.

5. Onsite support- Unlike our competitors we only build out our services in areas that we can locally support, and we will come onsite to help with your needs.  Often this is a computer or piece of equipment on your network having issues that is flooding your internal network with traffic.

6. Immediate phone Support-  We answer the call live and local and work on support and simple client programming changes immediately while we are talking with you on the phone. Often these changes are done by the time we finish the call.

7. Auto Fallover Options-  Is a great option to have setup for those customers for when your internet connection completely stops working. Our system can tell when users are not logged in and send calls immediately to an alternate route.