Private Network

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Simplii Better Connected

Simplii is committed to providing the best Hosted VoIP experience in the industry. To do this it requires the following:

1. Internal Network Setup

2. Proper Equipment Installation

3. Quality Internet Connection

4. VoIP Connection to ISP

5. Hosted VoIP Provider Connection to your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

In the Hosted VoIP world LATENCY (time it takes to travel from one end to the other) and HOPS (number of routers from one end to the other) matter.


What is a private network VOIP

A private network is where your VOICE traffic never leaves  your ISP providers network.  When you communicate to your Hosted voice provider where does it go.  Does it get sent across the open internet to various cities with high latency and hops across the nation?  Does it remain local to your area and stay completely on your ISP’s network with only a few hops and low latency before reaching your provider.

How Simplii is connected to your Local provider

Simplii has established relationships with your local ISP’s and buys very large direct connections to them.  By doing this an never sending your VOICE traffic over the open internet, Our latency and HOPs are normally 1/4 of our competition that sends there voice over the open internet.  Since the open internet has 0% priority for voice, this is one of the major separator between us and our competition in making sure that you have excellent call quality and a superior experience.

Private Network vs. Internet

(image of  VOIP Diagram)      (image of Private Network)