CRM Integration

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Creating a CRM Solution

Business Automation is quickly becoming a reality for small and medium sized business. Previously this was only an option that large companies could afford.   With Simplii’s API we can integrate into your WEB BASED APPLICATION, as well as your CRM and enhance your staffs productivity and your customers satisfaction.

Most Popular Functions

  • Click to Call
  • Screen pop Account
  • History of Event
  • Record All Calls

Custom Functionality

Unlimited possibilities of functions and features that can be written into your CRM or WEB BASED APPLICATION. Here are some of ones that have been written for specific clients that wanted and even tighter integration.

  • Queue Monitoring view in CRM w/hold times, available agents, etc.
  • Leave Message Buttons- Click to have the system leave a message, allowing agent to move to next call
  • Presence- See who is available without changing applications
  • Fax from CRM
  • SMS Text clients from CRM

Simplii Offers Custom CRM Integration

Simplii’s API is free for developers to use and integrate our system into your CRM or Web Based Application.  If you dont know or have a developer we would gladly give you a quote on integration to your system.  Contact us Now to discuss what your needs are and receive your custom integration quote.