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Call Quality

Simplii offers the best call quality in the industry. How can we claim this?  Well, unlike other companies, we take extra steps to ensure that our solution is setup properly.  First we come onsite and evaluate your internal network and make sure that it is setup properly, 90% of all networks are not ready for VOIP.  Second we connect to you on private networks and not the open internet, lowering latency and router Hops.  Third we monitor your solution constantly and help make changes to your internet connection if needs be.

Understanding Call Quality

Call Quality is determined by many different factors. 

#1 Call Quality is determined by your Internal Network.  If your network is not setup with the proper equipment that allows for Priority of Voice across your network all your traffic will have the exact same priority.  When your network becomes congested your voice quality would become choppy and robotic and hard to hear the person you are talking to.  90% time companies dont have proper equipment or dont have there equipment setup properly to ensure that their VOIP is prioritized.  If you have a VOIP solution that is having call quality issues let Simplii help you so you can enjoy all the benefits of a hosted system.

#2 Secondly your call quality is determined by the amount of Latency and Hops that your voice has to take to travel from one end to the other.   (image of how VOIP works with routers in the internet)

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