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Do you want your VoIP phone system to integrate with your CRM, Web Application, or even your website. Simplii hosted voice platform can help you automate your business by increasing productivity. We have a complete staff of business integration specialists that can take on your dreams. Utah based businesses can schedule an appointment for us to come onsite and discuss your needs and quote our simple solution.

call_qualityVoIP functionality – All Inclusive

At Simplii we believe in giving you the best Utah VoIP experience. That is why we include all of our features in an all inclusive package. Features like 6 party Conference calling, Conference bridging, Call Queuing, Auto-attendant, find me follow to your cell phone, and many more. Providing the best Utah Voip service is what we do.

How does VoIP Phone Service work?

VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL – In its simplest description means that you as using an Internet protocol to send voice traffic. This doesn’t mean that your calls necessarily are using the internet at all. There are phone systems that use VoIP just within your office and then use the telephone lines like T-1’s and PRI’s to send voice traffic over traditional voice routes. The most common use for Voice over internet protocol is when people try and send voice over the internet itself. This introduces a whole new set of advantages and obstacles that the common user might not be aware of. Advantages could be cost, connecting multiple sites, features, flexibility to work wherever. Obstacles would be that if it is not setup properly that your phone quality could be poor or robotic. How do you setup a VoIP service and make sure that you have good quality? Its as easy as 1,2,3

Choose the right Utah VoIP Service Provider

Directly Connected VoIP providers to your ISP provide less latency and have higher Quality. Directly connected providers to your internet service provider (ISP) is the only way to lower latency and packet loss.

Choose a local provider with onsite setup

Local providers will come onsite for the initial setup to make sure your system is setup is proper for your VoIP service. This eliminates cabling issues, and can help diagnose any internal network issues.

Proper internal network

90% of all computer networks are not setup properly for voice, having a skilled IT professional that understands VoIP is key or direct installation by your Utah VoIP Service Provider is best. Often times new equipment may be needed for proper setup, and not all equipment is created equal for a solid VoIP setup.

medium-businessUtah’s Best Direct VoIP Provider

Simplii is one of Utah’s only directly connected VoIP Service Provider. Why does having a direct connection matter? It lowers your Latency (travel time) for your voice service to get to and from our servers. VoIP Providers like Simplii provide you service across your ISP’s OWN network or backbone so that your voice service doesn’t even go over the internet at all.

cisco_7970_swuareBetter Equipment Better Results

Using proper equipment for your UtahVoIP SERVICE, HOSTED VOICE SERVICE, or SIP Dial tone is essential to have a good experience. As the saying goes you often get what you pay for, and nothing could be more true than that with VoIP equipment. Network professionals should always be consulted when installing your system. We specialize in moving frustrated customers away from our competitors because we will help you install the right equipment so you have the best VoIP SERVICE possible.