No Finger Pointing

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The Extra Mile

Wouldnt it be nice to have a provider that will figure out the issue and help resolve it even if it isnt even there issue.

He said she Said

Simplii believes in allowing our customers to call us even when it is an Internet issue and we will take that issue and resolve it with your ISP for you. Often times when you try and do this for yourselves, your Hosted VOIP company blames the ISP and the ISP blames the Hosted Voip Company with the customer is stuck in the middle.  Often customers dont know what the true issue are and just want someone who understands what maybe going on to help them resolve it. At Simplii we dont point fingers and work with the ISP to determine where the problem is and fix it, we dont care where the blame resides, we care about resolving our customers problems.

Onsite Issues- 

Sometimes the issue may be your internal network having problems,  Simplii will come onsite and diagnose the issue if needs be. If the issue happens to be your own internal network that is having a problem, we will work with you to fix it or communicate to your IT professional what the issue is to help get the problem resolved.

Firewall and Router Configuration-

Often times in larger settings companies have a dedicated IT professional that has existing equipment that needs to be setup properly for voice, or they are simply replacing an older unit for a newer model.  Simplii will help with the proper selection of the new hardware and will help your IT professional with a proper configuration as well if needed as well.