In Person Training

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Training with a Personal Touch

One the things you will hear us talk about at Simplii is that if you don’t know how to use your technology then why have it.  This will help explain why we go to great lengths to help you understand how to use our system and features.  We also are focused on creating solutions with how you currently do business and this requires us to have a personal touch and completely understand how you want your system setup.  Once the system is setup we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t take the time to train you  in person with how to operate the new solution.

Training all you can Eat

We believe that you cant have enough training and we are prepared to train your staff as much and as often as you would like us to do so.  When you hire new employee’s have us come over and take that responsibility off your plate with our training professionals.  Forget how to do something we will gladly train you over the phone or come onsite to work with you.

Training Guides

Training cheat sheets and guides can be found in your User Web Portal.  Simply login and choose the document you  are looking for from the support tab.

Request Training

Send us and email at CS@SIMPLII.NET to request more training or call (801-456-9800) to setup a time with our training professional today.