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Plans & Pricing

With Simplii’s Virtual Office you get the feel of a large business while saving money in the process. Cut your cost by 60% by switching to Simplii’s Virtual office. Keep your business moving with our mobile business features, and stay updated with our lifetime training.

  • Project your companies Image

    Simplii’s Virtual Office offering allows your company to do business differently and to look larger to your customers. With calls being routed to an Auto attendant with menus to choose from, electronic faxing, find me following to your cell, and Information while they are on hold, you can totally transform your small businesses image today..

  • Save Money

    Customers that use Simplii’s solution save significant money in upfront costs as well as saving thousands in service and maintenance. Our one price solution cuts costs by eliminating expensive existing telephone lines and long distance by up to 60%. user fees, Direct numbers, service and maintenance, long distance, and lifetime training.

  • Multilocation

    Having the ability to connect multiple offices seamlessly, as well to integrate your cell phone into your phone system is a must. Simplii’s Virtual office allows for calls to overflow from location to location to improve faster customer response and satisfaction as well as providing quick and easy expansion into new markets.

  • Mobility

    Simplii’s mobile integration is full of useful features. Some of these features give you the ability to dial out from your mobile as your office number, transfer calls that came to your mobile, record calls, and much more.

  • Lifetime Training

    We take the time to make sure that you know how to use your system and dont expect you to learn it by watching Youtube videos. We help you understand the new features that you will have and how they can help you enhance your customers experience with you.