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As an Partner for Simplii this give you an opportunity to offer a Hosted Voip solution without jumping in with both feet. Simplii will host your solution on our servers, with the added benefit of our redundancy, and our network of providers. We also give you the option of having a complete business in a box solution if needed, which offers a Rebranded website, marketing materials, integration to a crm with ticketing system, billing system with auto-pay integration and much more.

Advantages of becoming a partner. Set your own pricing Bundle Multiple services Earn money on Installation and Service Only need tier 1 support level technicians and trainers Rebrandable website, marketing materials, for quick deployment Complete billing system with with auto pay and auto processing Don’t have to buy servers and multiple redundant connections Utilize Simplii’s internet provider arrangements to insure quality Demand Every company from the Home Office to the Large Company needs the funtionality of a phone system. The cost of traditional systems limits how companies operate NO LONGER. Simplii offers an affordable solution to everyone that allows companies to meet their needs and enhance their opportunity.

Learn How to Separate yourself with Quality.

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We Install True Support Private Network CRM Integration Better Training No Finger Pointing

Sales Support Most companies give you access to great marketing tools to promote your business, but for most companies Hosted Voip is something new and unfamiliar as to how the best way to market and sell this service. We could just talk with you over the phone like our competitors, but we believe that personal onsite training and consulting is the best way to help you be the most sucessful. You will notice that our philosophy as a company is not to just do what others are doing, but to be the best at what we do by doing the things others simply don’t.

Commitment to Tighter Integrations

Simplii is dedicated to the idea of creating true business solutions. Integration to CRM and other web based applications will continue to be a focus moving forward. Simplii is committed to work with our partners to find and implement these integration that tighten the relationship with the end user and gives our partners a competitive end.

Best things about being an Agent

Knowing that the quality of the solution is the best in the industry. Every company an opportunity Set your own pricing Dedicated Agent Manager to help you succeed Agent Portal with Sales Tools Training Classes

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Complete the Partner Application (Action Takes them to the Partner Form) Your local Partner Manager will review your application and contact you with more details. Contact us now. (phone number)