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Simplii Cisco 7960


Referral Partner

Becoming a Referral Partner is a great way to earn up front money by simply referring businesses that you know could benefit from Simplii’s advanced business offerings. You don’t need to have any technical expertise at all. Referral Parnters simply make and introduction and we do the rest. You will be generously compensated for any business you refer that becomes a customer of Simplii.

Reasons to become a Referral Partner No Qualification Needed Learn More We Sell and follow up for you SignUp Highest Commission Structure Submit Lead


As an Agent for Simplii this give you an opportunity to earn residual income on the companies that you refer to Simplii. It requires a little more involvement on your part , but you will have a in house team to help you along the way. You will have the access to sales tools, quoting tools, marketing materials and a complete back office to track and work with your opportunities.

Reasons to become an Agent Great add on product to existing customers High Monthly residual commission Sales support team to help you succeed. Access to promotions and incentives


A Partner is typically a company that is looking to add a voice offering to there hardware, software, or would like to create a bundled service with their own branding. Partners have the benefit of using our connections, our hardware our 24×7 system support, rebrandable websites, crm integrations, marketing materials, etc. Basically a VOIP offering business in a box. This offering requires training, and some initial investment, requires customer setup and onboarding programming, and level 1 field tech support. Reasons to become an Agent Business in a box Rebrandable Our server, Our Connections Generate income on setup, Customer Management Your Pricing Model


A wholesale partner is generally a company looking to make Hosted Voip there primary business or a strong secondary add on as a bundled service. Wholesale companies have the benefit of using their own connections, services and marketing there own product as they see fit. Simplii will also provide rebrandable websites, crm integrations, rebrandable marketing materials, onsite setup, support training, sales training, and backend system support as needed. This offering requires advanced technical expertise and training since this requires all sales, support on all levels to the customer is to be handled by wholesale partner.

Reasons to become an Agent Business in a box Your servers, Your Connections Generate income on setup, Customer Management Your Pricing Model Discounted pricing Proven leadship and help for success Step by Step help along the way.